Preparations – Part 1

Now that I am registered for the program, it is time to get ready for the season.

I picked up the hive in early May. At its maximum, it will be 4 boxes high with 10 frames in each hive. The top of the hive is covered with metal for weatherproofing. The frames are wooden and there are plastic inserts to be snapped into each frame.

Pieces of the beehive.

All exposed areas are painted to provide protection from the weather. The inside areas are not painted. I used regular latex paint, leftovers from house projects. For some reason I am drawn to an off-white base with a bright blue trim. This colour combination feels very ‘beekeeper’ to me.

The paint is drying and the frames are assembled.

Next is deciding where in my yard to place the hive.

The finished product.

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