Preparations – Part 2

The most challenging decision I have had to make is Where. Where do I put the hive? My yard is not very large, I have neighbours, there is a rear garage and a garden shed. I have searched the internet, read many articles and I’m still confused.
The gold standards of perfect hive placement seem to be:

  • Face south – check! Our yard is south-facing.
  • Low traffic area – half check! I need some access to the shed; we have a back gate.
  • Morning sunshine – half check! I watch the sun for 3 mornings and determined sun hits the hive by 10 a.m.

I reached out to Urban Beehive for guidance placing the hive.

A view of the yard and placement options.

The suggestions are based on the above picture as it relates to our attached deck:

1.Closest (pink dot)

  • less backyard for you, more for the bees
  • easy to watch

2. Further back by fence (purple dot)

  •  more yard for you
  •  hard to access the shed during day

3. Beside the shed (yellow dot)

  •  access to shed no problem
  • harder access to alley, unless early morning or night.

I decided on option #2, further back by the fence, facing the shed at the rear of the yard. The only person impacted is me when I need to access the shed.
The hive is positioned south, facing the shed door.  There is a 6ft high fence to the east and the garage to the west. The bees have no choice but rise high above everyone’s head when they leave the hive to forage.

The hive has a home!

You may notice that the ground looks different from the first to second picture. The beehive project became a much needed backyard reboot.


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